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Car Accident


Motor vehicle accidents are sudden, traumatic and can leave you with serious, life-altering injuries. A motor vehicle accident can be anything kind of collision of a motorized vehicle involving a car, truck, large semi-trailer, SUV or a smaller motorized vehicle like an ATV, scooter or go cart.  Victims of motor vehicle collisions often endure painful injuries that result in temporary or permanent disability causing them to miss time off from work and changes to their lifestyles.  An inability to work due to recovery time, creates financial pressure from medical expenses and the accruing of other bills. An in ability to participate in normal activities can cause both mental and physical health concerns.

You may be entitled to reimbursement for the medical treatment for the injuries you suffered.  You could also collect damages for the cost of future medical treatment, lost wages, the inability to earn future wages, pain and suffering, property damage and rental vehicle expenses.  An insurance adjuster may offer to pay your medical bills and lost wages to get a quick settlement.  However, do not accept this offer, as it does not factor all of your losses into the equation.  Motor vehicle collision victims must be careful to avoid compromising their legal claim for financial compensation by negotiating directly with insurance companies.  Some attempt to deal directly with the insurance adjuster from the negligent driver's insurance company, whose job is to protect the interest of the insurance company, by paying you as little as possible or nothing at all.  It is the insurance company’s job and in their best interest (not yours) to get the lowest possible settlement and they are often very persistent. Remember, you have no obligation to talk to them. Studies have shown injury victims receive much more settlement money with the assistance of an attorney.  

The at-fault party’s insurance company will immediately launch an investigation into the accident in an attempt to reduce the amount they may have to pay out.  When a car accident victim attempts to negotiate with insurance company adjusters without legal representation, their personal injury claim can be undermined by damaging statements and strategic mistakes.

We are committed to helping injured drivers, passengers, and pedestrians understand their rights and how they may be able to obtain compensation to cover damages such as medical bills and lost wages and compensation for your pain and suffering.  Depending on the details of your crash, you may be able to seek compensation through insurance claims or a lawsuit against a negligent driver.



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